Powerline: Transmitters and Receivers

Powerline Adapter

Powerline Adapter

We had the following email in from ‘TB’ asking about Powerline Adapter kits with multiple units:

“I just bought 4 x D-Link PowerLine Adapters (two kits). Is there any difference between receiver and transmitter?

I can use all four in the same network, one to the router and the rest to other computers? Or is it two transmitters and two receivers?”


Powerline Multipacks

Powerline adapters, something known as HomePlugs, allow you to send broadband around your home using mains wiring. Powerline adapters are normally sold in pairs – one is used as a transmitter, and one as a receiver.

Technically, there’s no difference between the two units, and you can use either as the “transmitter”. You can buy packs of 2, 3 and 4 Powerline adapters. One of these will need to be connected to your broadband router, making it the “transmitter”. Other paired units will then act as “receivers”.

In the example given above, if you get two packs of two adapters, then assuming they’re of the same make and speed, you should be able to connect one to your broadband router and use the other three adapters elsewhere in your house to connect to the hub via the mains wiring.


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  1. beebear77 says:

    Thankyou so much!! This is the answer I have been looking for too – I keep getting told that the kits that are sold (even the ones where the adapters look exactly the same) are a kit and I have to buy extras separately. I was so confused because a) they look exactly the same b) I can’t find anything on buying “receivers” but heaps on adding extra plugs. No one in the shops I have asked seems to know much about them or how they work at all I feel like I know more yet I’m still seeking answers!! I was starting to think that maybe I can’t do what I want to do – I have two computers at different ends of the house and a tv I want to connect one to which is not near my computer – without ethernet cords running all over the house (which is part of the point of these). So thanks for restoring my faith that maybe I’m not silly and maybe I have the right idea after all!

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