USB Port on BT Home Hub

BT Home Hub 3“What is the USB port on the BT Home Hub 3 used for please?”

Asked by Rex Purchase

Our Answer

On the back of the BT Home Hub 3 there is a USB-A port.

Officially, this is “reserved for future use”, and BT had not at this point confirmed any services that use this port. BT tell us that this is “for services that we may launch in the future”.

That having been said, some have found uses for the USB port. Here is a summary of what we know:

  • Some users have found that the port can be used for USB mass storage devices (such as external hard drives and USB memory sticks. They have to be correctly formated to FAT32. There’s some information on how to do this on BT’s site: USB and BT Home Hub 3
  • Some users have found that they have been able to get printers to connect and be shared to the network using the USB port. This is something not supported by BT
  • The USB socket cannot be used for Internet connectivity
  • The USB socket is powered, so can be used to charge devices that are powered from a USB socket (such as some mobile phones and Sat Nav devices)

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