Internet Powerline Adapters Not Working Upstairs

Problem with Powerline Plugs?

“I have the Comtrend Power GID 902 and Comtrend 9020 for a BT Home Hub, but it will not work upstairs /down stairs. I have separate ring mains for up and down, but both in to the same meter. Help?

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What is a Powerline Adapter

Powerline Adapters, sometimes known as HomePlugs, are very handy devices for connecting household devices to a home’s broadband router without the need to run long cables, or use wi-fi. Powerline Adapters use a home’s domestic mains wiring to send computer data around the home.

To use these, here’s what you do:

  • Plug one unit into a mains socket close to the router
  • Connect the router to the first Powerline Adapter using an Ethernet lead
  • Plug the second Powerline Adapter into a mains socket at the point where you want Internet
  • Connect another Ethernet lead from the second Powerline Adapter to the device that wants an Internet connection
Comtrend Powerline Adapters

A pair of Comtrend Powerline Adapters

Powerline Adapter Not Connecting

The adapters only work if there is a suitable electrical connection between the two units. If you’re having problems getting data between two powerline adapters, here;s some suggestions:

1. Location: First off, try connecting the adapters into adjacent sockets – If they can’t talk to each other when in the same room, elsewhere in the house is likely to be a no-go.

2. Sync: Powerline adapters need to be synced to each other, for security reasons (you don’t want your neighbours being able to tap into your data). If your HomePlugs aren’t working when in adjacent sockets, check the manual to make sure you have them paired correctly

3. Connectivity: Many experience problems when using a Homeplug in an extension lead, or when going through a mains surge protector. For the best performance, connect to a dedicated socket, and not an extension block

4. Compatibility: There are different standards in use. Mixing manufacturers and/or device types may cause incompatibilites. If using a mix of makes and models, check with the manufacturer to see if they are compatible.

5. Mains Type: Where two mains sockets share the same home electricity meter, it’s normally possible to use a pair of Powerline Adapters, but if they are going through multiple consumer units (i.e. fuse boxes), there is likely to be signal loss. If your upstairs and downstairs are on different circuits, this may prevent enough signal making it through between transmitter and receiver.


No luck with Powerline?

If you can’t get Powerline to work in your house, there are a few other options to explore

1. Use Wi-fi: Check whether your Internet router supports wireless broadband – then all you need is a wireless dongle or connection for the equipment you’re trying to connect. The newer 802.11N standard offers decent coverage of the average house, and careful placement of the router should give you good coverage. If needed, wi-fi extenders are also available. (We recommend Maplin for networking accessories)

2. Use cable: Run an ethernet cable between the router and the target device. Kits are available from Maplin

3. Talk to a friendly local electrician: If you really want to use Powerline, perhaps a local electrician can offer some advice on ways to change your home wiring.


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